Official Rules For

The 2016 Grand Traverse Salmon Classic

Mini Classic

  • Registration 5pm at Elmwood & Center Road Launches or by phone at 231.342.8442. Cost $50 per team.

  • Fishing from 6pm – 9:30pm. Teams have until 10:30pm to present cooler for weigh-in at GT Maritime Academy. 

  • This is a “big box” event. Teams may weigh ANY legal fish caught during tournament times. Any Species!! All MI DNR Laws apply. Teams must follow state limit laws as they pertain to number of fish for anglers on boat.

  • Winner will be announced when all catches have been weighed in. Highest total weight wins.

  • 1st prize is a free entry into the 2016 Salmon Classic Main Event, a $300 value. Prize may not be exchanged, transferred or altered. There is no 2nd place prize

  • Fishing must take place on a boat, on the waters of East or West GT Bays. No fishing in the Boardman River or inside any harbors or marinas. All legal fishing methods are accepted ie jigging, casting, trolling etc. No gaffing fish.

  • Cooler are to be free of loose ice, excess water and illegal fish at the time of weigh-in. Loose ice or excess water will result in a penalty of loss of team’s 2 heaviest fish. Illegal fish in cooler at any time will result in immediate disqualification with no refund.

  • All anglers must have a current MI Fishing License.

  • Boats are permitted to fish with as many lines as permitted by MI DNR laws, 3 rods per angler.

  • NO boats may cross north of the 45 parallel latitude at any time!!

  • All decisions of the Tournament Director are FINAL!!